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Hello Fellow Chicks,

My  name is Julia, and wanted to share why I love 3 Sassy Chicks. My best friend and I were getting nails done on her birthday, and she says afterwards we have to swing by the boutique that’s next door. First, let me say my best friend looks amazing and can wear a medium; me, however, can rock it when I want but not outfits from boutiques. Boutiques that I have been to in the past are the reason I stayed away. They just don’t carry clothing in my size. I’m going to be brave and share that with you. I wear 2x on top  and sometimes that’s a bit snug and wear either a 14 to 10 bottom. I’m content with my size but going into boutiques made me mad and dread shopping.

Only because it was her birthday and I love her I went with her. First, let me say, it’s so freaking cute! They have more than just clothing; the jewelry selection was amazing, and that’s where I headed. Shellie, one of the owners, was so sweet. As soon as we walked in and saw me peeking at some tops, she says I should try it on. My first thought was oh boy, this lady thinks a large is going to fit me. Well if you have not guessed yet, it did.

My new Natural Life scarf.









I was blown away. I am extra blessed on top and it still fit. I had to make sure it was really a large. 3 Sassy Chicks Boutique was so inviting, and they carry the cute, unique items so that I find something new every time I go. Christmas shopping will be simple for me this year. Since walking into Sassy Chicks, not only have I been blessed to meet such wonderful ladies, Shellie and Kerri, I have added new outfits to my wardrobe that fit. The one thing I want to say is thank you. Being a plus size woman who hated boutiques, I am now giving them a second chance and am feeling BEAUTIFUL in my new clothes. Already have my eye on these next.








What do you think?  I am so ready for football and fall!


Love a new loyal chick,


We are so excited to have a website up and running for our customers. We have been working the past few months to get this all ready for you. As of right now all we can offer are look books of our inventory and a way for you to keep an eye out on the new things coming in. Soon we hope to add a shopping cart, however until then if you see something you like just fill out out the contact form  on the contact us page with what you are interested in and we will let you know what we have.

Good News: We have extended the store, come in and check out the new space.