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Hello Fellow Chicks, When I see this beautiful color, I think 'Fall,' and I am so excited that it’s finally starting to feel like it. You never can tell with Texas, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. One simple and super comfortable Cranberry Tee, from LA Made, is a perfect color to rock many outfits this Fall season.

Who does not love having one piece of clothing that can knock out many looks?

It’s October and I can’t help wanting to share all things fall and fashion… so what the heck right? I want to share my most recent pins from Pinterest. I’m going to share my three loves……NAILS, MAKE UP and BOOTS! I love painting my nails to match the season; once I’ve finished wearing my black and gold this month, the Cranberry Red is going to be amazing for November. Here are a few of the colors and designs I’m looking forward to trying.

Make-up can truly finish a look and bring it all together. Can’t wait to try these beautiful fall looks. Check out the tutorials here:

Last, but not least, my favorite fashion items for fall are BOOTS!! I really can not have too many pairs of boots. I started wearing them a couple weeks ago, and people probably thought I was crazy. Here are my latest finds from Pinterest.

Guess What?!? 3 Sassy Chicks has you covered this fall, with jeans from Dear John, Purses, Jewelry, Tops and Jackets. Check out the outfit put together by them. Jacket:$72.00 Reversible Tote: $52.00 Earrings: $38.00 Necklace: $58.00 Jeans: $79.99 Shirt: $28.00 What do you think? Are you ready to rock some Cranberry this fall?

Laura Nivin over at Living Sassy came into the store and had some fun. We want to thank her for coming in and sharing her thoughts. We are extremely excited for the Holiday Ole’ Market. Check out what she had to say. Also check out her blog  sharing her love of bargain shopping, local events and food.

The Junior League of San Antonio’s  Holiday Ole’ Market is right around the corner. In the 22nd year, this one of kind shopping experience is taking on a Parisian flair.  Ooh, La La!

The title of this year’s event is “Joyeux Noel” and is set to begin on Thursday, October 15thand end on Sunday, October 18th at Freeman Coliseum’s Expo Hall.

I am a current sustainer and long time member of the JLSA. I also served on the Ole’ Market Committee and have first hand knowledge of how many hours it takes to host such a spectacular event. These ladies have already spent countless hours away from their families. This is all in support of raising money that will go back in the San Antonio community and non-profits that the Jr. League assists from year to year.

And they are counting on you to come out and shop with your family and friends to make it another rousing success! Now, y’all don’t make me beg you to go shopping!

When I looked on the website to see the list of this year’s merchants, I wanted to help promote a brand new attendee to Holiday Ole’ and welcome them to the JLSA family. Of course, with a name like  3 Sassy Chicks Boutique the choice was made for me! Sassy girls need to stick together!

This super cute boutique is located at 16350 Blanco Rd. in the shopping center right next to the Mission Ridge subdivision. They are owned by 2 friends  and one of their customers who have a love of clothing and design, hence the name and darling logo of their store. Another friend of theirs suggested that they apply to be a merchant at Holiday Ole’ because she thought their inventory would be a great fit for the annual event. They were thrilled to be chosen for this year’s market and were packing up items when I visited their store!

I took some of my neighbors’ daughters with me to show off some of the clothes that will be on display at Holiday Ole’. Francesca and Kinzie had so much fun in the store picking out what they wanted to wear. The store carries a variety of brands that appeal to all ages!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We took pictures right up the street at the Urban Ecology Center at Hardberger Park.  Not only are these two young ladies natural beauties and crazy smart,  they were scoping out the trails to use in their workouts during the soccer season! They both wanted to wear the mini swing long-sleeved dress for the pictures. And of course you have to complete this look with trendy boots.

Please visit Holiday Ole’ Market for information, ticket prices and more details about all the events that start this Thursday through Sunday. We wouldn’t want you to miss any sassy little detail.

From Girl’s Night Out, Pancake Pajama Parties and general shopping at over 115 local and nationwide merchants, there will be something for everyone to enjoy at this year’s event.

Women Supporting Women.

It’s why I am a sustainer of the JLSA.

Stay Sassy Y’all.

Photos taken by: Lauren Nivin, Blog written by: Laura Nivin

 We are so excited about our newest brand we carry in the boutique, we are in love and so are many of our fellow chicks. Natural Life is all about love, and being happy and it shines through their line of clothing and gifts. This amazing company started off as a small photography company that grew into what we see today. They truly have a passion for putting smiles on faces. Natural Life is so much more than a store, it’s a life philosophy. Their mission is to inspire girls and women to dream big dreams and pursue what they love. It’s a happy, wholesome brand that is packed with tons of feel-good products that make great gifts for just about any female you know.

Living your natural life makes you HAPPY! – Patti Hughes, founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer.

You can check out their story >>Here<<

#naturallifehappy #givelovelaugh

Come in today and Fall in love!

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Natural Life

Amy West  from 10 Best boutiques.




Be the hope. Be the cure. Help support the cause. A portion of the proceeds from this pink tee will help support Breast Cancer Angels, a non-profit organization providing financial and emotional assistance to women and their families battling breast cancer. The pink tee has meaning for me, I wear mine in honor of my grandmother who passed when I was in 3rd grade from breast cancer!!  Come by and purchase your pink tee for $30 and help support Breast Cancer Angels a non-profit organization providing emotional and financial assistance to women and their families battling breast cancer. They run a little big sizes available XS-Large.


Want to donate more?

Breast Cancer Angels

Hello Fellow Chicks,

My  name is Julia, and wanted to share why I love 3 Sassy Chicks. My best friend and I were getting nails done on her birthday, and she says afterwards we have to swing by the boutique that’s next door. First, let me say my best friend looks amazing and can wear a medium; me, however, can rock it when I want but not outfits from boutiques. Boutiques that I have been to in the past are the reason I stayed away. They just don’t carry clothing in my size. I’m going to be brave and share that with you. I wear 2x on top  and sometimes that’s a bit snug and wear either a 14 to 10 bottom. I’m content with my size but going into boutiques made me mad and dread shopping.

Only because it was her birthday and I love her I went with her. First, let me say, it’s so freaking cute! They have more than just clothing; the jewelry selection was amazing, and that’s where I headed. Shellie, one of the owners, was so sweet. As soon as we walked in and saw me peeking at some tops, she says I should try it on. My first thought was oh boy, this lady thinks a large is going to fit me. Well if you have not guessed yet, it did.

My new Natural Life scarf.









I was blown away. I am extra blessed on top and it still fit. I had to make sure it was really a large. 3 Sassy Chicks Boutique was so inviting, and they carry the cute, unique items so that I find something new every time I go. Christmas shopping will be simple for me this year. Since walking into Sassy Chicks, not only have I been blessed to meet such wonderful ladies, Shellie and Kerri, I have added new outfits to my wardrobe that fit. The one thing I want to say is thank you. Being a plus size woman who hated boutiques, I am now giving them a second chance and am feeling BEAUTIFUL in my new clothes. Already have my eye on these next.








What do you think?  I am so ready for football and fall!


Love a new loyal chick,